Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Comic Book - Day 7- Page 20

Here's a work in progress of the pencil work I'm doing to page 20. Panel 4 has always been problematic, but the solution that Roque suggested was to cut out the multiple figures that denoted her flipping in mid air.

While the final solution may not be as cool as the multiple action poses (I'm a sucker for that stuff), it does do 2 things for me. One, it establishes where the characters are in relationship to each other and two because the figure flying through the air is singular, the read from right to left isn't as tricky to do. That and I made the panel tilt downwards to help with the read. That said, I'm still unsure about the figure in that panel.

I've started to leave more work for Bucket Phil in my pencil stage, just to save me some time. The downer is that I can't quite see my blacks spotted in so any problems that may occur I won't be able to tackle early. Today, I also blew up 2 more of my layouts to 11 x 17 working size so I should be stocked up with plenty of work to be done for this week.

Anyway, for some odd reason I'm pretty tired out today so no meaningless ranting tonight! I'm outta here!

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