Thursday, March 12, 2015

Being a DC fan in the Marvel age (as well as my Wonder Woman drawing!)

I think the title for this post sums it all up. I am a DC fan. It is incredibly tough to be a DC fan when everybody on the planet loves Marvel.

I'm not sure why, but DC comics has become everybody's favorite whipping boy. There is a lot of hate for anything that DC comes out with nowadays. The movie Man of Steel got absolutely hated on by everybody when it came out, but Iron man 2 and Thor 2 got good reviews and even made a TON more money. And personally I didn't think those movies could hold a candle to Man of Steel.

On the comics side, everybody loves to trash the new 52. And while there were bad titles there were also quite a few great ones form the batch. Just like Marvel comics. But everybody's so deeply in love with Marvel nowadays and the "Marvel zombie" infestation has been sky high. The "Marvel-blindness" as I think of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Marvel, and the things they do. Good for them and their astronomical popularity.

But why must everybody say DC needs to be doing it like marvel? Can't I have another option on how superheroes are depicted? (SIDENOTE: The 'grim' and 'grittyness' of Man of Steel isn't any more or less 'gritty' than what I read in the Superman books. Tony Stark in the comics was never anything even as remotely interesting as Robert Downey Jr. portrayed him in the movie).

DC TV alone is proving the deep, deep well of stories that it has much more than marvel has in my opinion. Look at the television line up, you have straight up pop superhero with the Flash. Creepy, quirky, cop drama with Gotham, gritty street level heroes with Arrow, supernatural horror with Constantine. And soon, comedy horror with iZombie. Why must all my superheroes come in the same flavor like the Marvel movies??


If you STILL can't tell, I'm an avid DC comics fan. I've made the mistake of voicing out my defense for DC on comic book sites (and the popular ones always have a hate for DC). I've noticed my favorite podcasts in general take a negative stance on DC movies, and even one of my favorites has gone so far as to state that Thor 2 is what the Man of Steel should have been. And opinions are fine of course, and everybody is entitled to hate on DC... but as a fan, I just got sick of hearing it and reading about it from everybody.

It wasn't until later that I realized the solution was simple. I needed to stop reading from those sites and listening to those podcasts. I started actively searching out DC centric fansites, podcasts and websites. The negativity was just eating away at me as a fan. And it was really making me grumpy!

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: Instead of being a jaded little troll and going through every marvel site (which is now basically almost every big comic book site) and starting flame wars on the comments, I can do a better job of sharing my love of DC by doing just that! I'm now focusing on sharing articles promoting DC TV shows or comic book storylines.

I've also taken a page out of my favorite comic book artists (who all by the way seem to have ended working at marvel so now my tumblr feed is full of marvel character pin-up art) and decided to be a fan through my art. I see nothing bur Rocket Racoon and Groot and marvel hero sketches incessantly on my feeds. Instead of being a whiner and getting irked by it, I've been drawing DC fan art of MY favorite superheroes and posting it on all my social media outlets. There's no need to hate, not when I do a more effective job spreading the love! Through Art!

Which now leads us to today's post: Wonder Woman!

quick sketch: started out as WW blocking bullets, but I wasn't sure if I could pull off that action clearly.

Digital Inking stage (Done with Krita), I got a little nutty with her arm.
The more I looked at it the weirder it seemed being that huge.

Tweaked her arm size and lasso with Manga studio and Photoshop.
I actually like the Black and White version as much as the color version. Maybe a little more.

Final colors! The pink is a little nuts, but I can live with it.
And so there you have it! How does a DC fan survive the marvel age? By being a GOOD fan. No hate, just more love. Just like how Wonder Woman would want it.

Next post will be my inktober drawings, and you'll see there's a lot of DC love there too! Until next time! Up, up and away!
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