Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Comic Book - Pg 23

I am quite the slacker.

Instead of starting off with how long it's been since my last post (like all my other posts), let's jump into it shall we?

I wanted to add some form of background to the comic book's main character, with all the action that's been going on I realized, why would any reader care if these characters were put in danger? This was the first issue: no one knows who these people are! So I added this page in, as a little flashback when my character loses consciousness in page 22.The thing is though, after doing this page I feel I need some more pages to it. So... I think I might actually add 2 more pages into the front of the book... maybe. Anyway, I guess I'll make the judgement whether I need those 2 pages, once I comp my book up. So! What took me so long to do this page! I have no idea! It's just a bunch of black panels!

This page will mainly be text driven, I wanted it to be from the main character's point of view, so the reader ends up being in her shoes. Yeah, I know it's not a very subtle way of making the reader 'connect' with the character but, hey! Go draw your own comic if you disagree so much!

I initially wanted to do the wavy borders for the flashback sequence, but in the end I chose to go with the motion of the tilted panels that were built in from pages 2
2 and 24. I'm also going to make sure that when I color this page in, the color scheme is totally different from the previous pages. I have to make sure that the reader knows we're somewhere and somewhen else. I want to confuse them a little, but not too much.

Man, this page has so much nothing in it, it's a wonder I took so long! Sigh.

That's it for this post, God Bless!
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