Tuesday, November 21, 2006

For Mr. Lau

Here's the scenario: My two friends Alan and Corrine are getting hitched reeeeal soon (Alan and Corrine are both part of the super-talented Ghostbot studios). But...! Before all that can go down, there was a bachelor party to be attended, arranged in Alan's honor (of course). And before that could go down, the people invited to the party were given a secret mission: to create a picture of mr. Lau's precious Erin (she of the e-surance fame) in whatever way we want (scary!), as a surprise send-off gift (curse?) to the bachelor-not-to-be.

So! Since the bachelor party festivities are now done, I may now divulge the drawing I did for Alan! We'll follow the wa
rts-and-all format of this blog, as I really do love posting all the wrong things I do for the world to see! Here's everything from the very, very sparse thumbnails until the initial color pass. I had to work really quick, so all of the prep work was pretty much cut down to thinking up poses and looking at references. I didn't have the time to design what she or the bad guys looked like until I hit the page.

Then here's the finished piece. Choosing the background color was very hard for me, and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which one I wanted. I showed it to my friend Rocky who was as equally stumped as I was. So then he showed it to his wife who immediately, upon looking at them, went with her gut and picked the red. It was actually quite nice of her to make such a quick decision because Rock and I were in color limbo (and I was just sick of looking at it!). Whil
e the yellow had a nice kind of clarity in it (Rock had mentioned Erin's hair pops out nicely in it), the red was simply punchier and just screamed action! So red it was!

So this goes out to Alan! A belated happy, uh, bachelor-party-day-thing to Mr. Alan Lau! Kiss your bachelorhood goodbye! The wedding's next week! Dun dun duuuun!
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