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The Bomb Squad - Join Bombgirl and the Bomb Squad as they defend the city from crazy terrorists who will stop at nothing from shattering the peace in Boom Town. Even with the odds piled against them, the squad will bravely engage robots, shadowy characters and even the wrath of their boss to save the day!

The Bomb Squad #1

A group of terrorists have just hijacked a plane-full  of innocent victims high above the city. With all the other Bomb Squads out elsewhere, the Chief is forced to dispatch his least favorite Bomb Squad. Enter Bombgirl and her squad! Will the squad make it in time to stop the threat to boom town? 24 pages in full color.


The Bomb Squad #2

The  terrorists are planning to crash the Mega-Jet into the United  World Convention building and it doesn't look like Bombgirl  can make it in time to stop them! With Mur out of commission, can the pilot of the Squad, Kid Hotshot, find the courage to step up to the challenge?


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