Monday, October 23, 2006

For the Shanth Man

It's been quite sparse in the land of posting lately (more like non-existent, really), and I have no excuse. After I finished those two weeks of pure comic book page-making bliss, in my last few posts, I absolutely screeched to a halt. Anyway, for this post, it won't be a comic book page, but perhaps it's what kick starts me back...

A week ago a friend of mine, Shanth Enjeti, had to go to the hospital for an emergency operation. It was quite a shocker really, my friend Roque had given me a call and told me about it over the phone. Apparently his appendix was giving him problems, and actually burst as he was waiting in agony for hours at the hospital for someone to operate. Always the trooper, when I talked to him on the phone about it, Shanth pretty much downplayed what must've been a pretty horrible situation. And just like Shanth, a few minutes into our phone conversation and we're back talking comic book talk again!

Shanth's been working hard on pumping out a book he's been penciling called Starship Troopers: Damaged Justice from Markosia and not even a bursting appendix could slow him down! The quality and rate that he's pumping this book out is incredible and definitely an inspiration to get my butt back in gear! (The work he put into the triple gatefold cover alone, puts me to shame... that's right, there a triple gatefold cover planned for it!)

Anyhow, I wanted to draw Shanth a pin-up of one of his characters and one of mine, to wish him a speedy recovery. I was planning to have something for him while he was in the hospital.


Well... he's kinda been recovering already for a week or so, because alas, I am not too fast in the drawing department! But better late than never! I had a tough time picking some choice, appropriate and sensitive words to convey my message to him, but I think I got it! So here we go:

This one's for you Shanth man! More power (measurable in Metachlorians) to ya!
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