Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Comic Book Relay!

Super quick post today as I have to feed my daughter real soon!

My friend, Roque Ballesteros and I decided to do a comic book jam (well more like me forcing my friend). The idea is to produce a page of comic in a week, then hand it over to the next guy. There are no real rules, just try to incorporate the story sequence already in play (and even then I'm fine breaking that rule!). The point is to get us back in drawing comics again!

He bought a Moleskin notebook with 4 panels in each page. I kicked it off with a couple splash pages, just because!

I wasn't able to take pics of my process for the first splash, but I got some of the next one:

My inking needs some serious work. My fingers got fat and lazy from the "undo" button.

And that's it! I've handed it over to Rock, and we're trying to figure out how to get our other buddy, Shanth Enjeti, to get in on this mix. He's all the way over in Rhode Island (and we're in San Francisco). But with today's digital speed? I'm sure we can find a way!

That's it for today!
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