Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Lens Fast Shutter Icon

A buddy of mine from High School was setting up a podcast and called me up asking for some help designing an icon for it. Thinking it couldn't be THAT hard to design an icon, I said "I'll do it"! Famous last words right?

The podcast was going to be called "Big Lens Fast Shutter" and focused on giving expert advice to normal joes on how to take great sports pictures. His main art direction for the icon was that they were going for a look that had a propaganda-ish look, and also had a 'viva la revolucion' kinda feel to it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to work on the icons, since he needed a really quick turnaround for it. I was also working on some other things as well at the same time (I'll post that up at a later date!). I came up with two designs for him to pick and to speed up the process I worked completely digital.

This first design, was pretty straightforward, I took a reference picture and worked off of that. I'm not very good at vector art so I decided to draw the icon huge then shrink it down; sharpening up the line work.

The next one was a little more involved, and to get the right angle I took a photo of myself and just exaggerated the size of the lens.

 I also did a vertical composition of the icon just for kicks.

My friend  and his co-host picked the second one, because they liked the thought of this tiny guy impossibly holding up this ridiculously large lens. Check out the icon in action here and listen to their podcasts. They're pretty entertaining and chock-full of great information! Also, check out their website for a sampling of some of their great photography too!

That's it for tonight! Good night, God Bless and let the Neverending battle... er... never end!
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