Monday, September 10, 2012

My Comic Book: Issue 3 page 4 Final

It's a little depressing how long it took me to get a simple page like this done. You would think with a baby that sleeps for an average of 2 hours in between feedings, I'd have a lot of time inbetween! Yeah, I know rookie mistake! Anyhow, trucking along with the comic, and I'm working kind of different with this issue.

I usually draw, ink, letter then color a book (in that order). So what I mean is I get all the drawing and inking done first for all 24 pages. Then do a lettering pass for all the pages, then a coloring pass. But these last few pages, I've been adding the dialog as I wrap up a page. And for this page, I decided to add final colors. It's kinda nice that I can put it together to final like this... another page that I can mentally file away!

Flashback sequence
They're still trying to figure out where Wondercon will be this year, but I'm still aiming to get the third book done by then. Hopefully I'll have 3 books to sell at the con if it's here in San Francisco.I have to admit though, after finishing this page? I'm not sure I can make it by that deadline. We'll see! That's it for today. Good day and God Bless! It's an impossibly nice day in San Francisco today!
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