Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 15, 16 & 17 thumbnails

I got a few more pages thumbnailed out.

My brain usually works out of order when I'm doing thumbnails. Sometimes some sequences come out clearer than others when I'm first "piecing" pages together.

For page 15, I knew exactly what those last two panels should be. And from there, I worked backwards; connecting it back to page 14. 

And along the way, I started a rough script. Strangely, I'm writing it in the correct chronological order. And as that's being written I start getting a clearer idea of how much can fit into a panel, what things need to be dropped and what HAS to stay.

After that, I'm a little more confident on what I want to show and around how many panels I can use. The way the scene is staged also becomes much clearer, and gets dictated by the script and the page space.
At first, I had a different layout planned for page 16 and 17. But soon I began to realize that I had much more information I wanted to depict than I had space in those two pages. 

Eventually, 16 and 17's layouts merged together so it became a double page spread. A panel from 16 got moved over to 15 and I dropped a sequence (for now) involving a shot with all the other Bomb Squads.

It would've been fun to show all the other teams in the Bomb Squad, but I really wanted to devote more pages to some action at the end of this issue. The sequence with the other squads, didn't seem that necessary to keep the story moving.

I actually got to start designing some of the squad members before scrapping the sequence.

By the time I got to the new thumbnails for page 16 & 17, I had already generated sketches for what the panels in it would be. So, all I have for the thumbs end up looking like a bunch of blank squares! 

Well, that and I'm done sketching thumbnails! Time to hit the pages! The never-ending battle continues!
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