Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Comic Book - Page 24 - Finishes Part 1

Yep. Still procrastinating!

The more I stress out about finishing my pages the more I'm freezing up. I'm placing a lot of pressure on myself to finish these last few pages, and frankly it hasn't been fun. So much in fact, that I'm subconsciously trying to find other things to do to avoid working on the pages. Or just getting hit by a nap attack (yeah, yeah, Garfield reference, so sue me).

I need to ease up on myself. Luckily, I'm 'working' for myself on this. So, I can afford to cut me some slack (or fire myself, but that would just be weird)! This week has been busier than I thought it should be, I've had many things to do and people to see, it hasn't really been quite the 'free' week I've wanted. Or a vacation either for that matt
er. So, I'm changing that.

I think I'm starting to accept that I'm not going to be able to finish 2 pages before the end of this year. True, I've missed the schedule that I set for myself in the beginning of the year, but it's not so bad. I think I'll enjoy the rest of my break and finish up these pages at my own pace. I'm stressing out about finishing this book so much, that I'm forgetting I'm supposed to be having fun while doing it!

Anyways, this doesn't mean that I'll be throwing
out my comic book schedule completely out the window. It's still the same deal, a book a year. But for this last week? I'm actually going to enjoy my vacation! Maybe I'm just trying to justify my slow speed but, I think I'll be okay as long as I make sure to keep chipping away at these pages in small but frequent intervals. In due time I think I can catch up to the schedule.

And while I'm recuperating from beating myself up from slacking, there's some great news! Today was comic book day, and I picked up my friend Shanth Enjeti's book "Starship Troopers: Damaged Justice" issue one! Awesome inspiration that definitely puts me to shame! This guy has a wife, twins and two teaching jobs to run and he still finishes a book in a quarter of the time it took me to do mine! I should be ashamed! But right now I'm too excited that I actually have a copy of his book in my hands! Visit his blog for some peeks under the comic books hood! Go Shanth man!

And that's it for tonight! Good night and God bless!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Comic Book - Page 24 - Roughs

I am still procrastinating like crazy.

For most of the day I was really doing anything but drawing this page. Let's see... I had to change my checking account because I found out I lost my check book. I had to photocopy page 24 so that I could transfer the layouts over. I had to clean up my workspace so I could draw. I had to watch the outtakes of "The Office" season 2. I had to play Guitar Hero 2. I had to watch the deleted scenes from "The Office" season 1. And I had to play guitar Hero 2. Again.

I couldn't work very well during the day. For some odd reason I could not concentrate during the day. I kept forcing myself to draw, but I'd always find some thing to pull myself away from my desk. Towards the end of the day, maybe through pressure or guilt, I found myself getting into the page a little and managed to get it to this stage. It's very sparse though, so a lot of the real drawing will have to be done tomorrow. I'm gonna go crash now. God Bless and good night!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"Ranting, raving about the struggles and the general messy process of creating"

That's what the little blurb below my Blog's title says in really-hard-to-read-white-colored-font (just squint, you'll see it). It's definitely been pretty messy today. Today, was the first official day I start working full days on my comic book again. Unfortunately, the creative wall I had hit in my previous wall is still kinda up. I did absolutely nothing today. And I pretty much was tearing
myself up over it. By sleeping in.

I have a lot of excuses, and maybe some even that come close to being legitimate, but I really just choked and was very unproductive today. Tomorrow, I'm going to try a whole lot harder to get into gear. On one hand, my mind wants me to relax and veg out like a slob. On the other hand I just want to get my final 2 pages done and wrap up my comic book!

Luckily, productive-me did a layout awhile ago so lazy-me doesn't have to be a total loser today. I'm posting up a rough layout page that I had done a while back for my comic's page 24. I'm hoping to get to Kinko's tomorrow and blow it up to actual size. Then, I can transfer the composition over to bristol paper. This way I can kick start myself somehow even if my creative juices aren't really flowing.

I hope.

I've just got to force myself to be creative and be productive. I just need to suck it up, and fight to realize my childhood dreams! To be all that I can be! To be a true creative individual!

That and I also ran out of "The Office (America version)" DVDs to watch. Will I actually get my act together and have a page roughed in tomorrow?! Tune in for the next 'exciting' post! A belated Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting back on track

I have hit a wall.

After my last comic book page last September, aside from some stray posts, I have come to a creative grinding halt. Big mistake. That creative momentum has always been hard for me to try to generate, but once I get going, it becomes easier for me to crank out some comic book pages. Kinda like exercise. It's hard to drag yourself to gym, but once you feel how
awesome it is, you have an easier time going back. But right now I'm rolling around in my artistic spare tires.

Fortunately, Christmas break is coming soon, and at my company we close down from Christmas until New Year. So a free week of vacation! What to do, what to do! Why, finish up my comic book of course! My initial plan was for my comic book to be penciled, lettered and
colored by the end of this year.

Not gonna happen.

But it's okay! I'll just have to catch up next year with the letters and colors. I have a new schedule though: pencils finished by this year. It shouldn't be too tough, I only have 2 more pages until the end. It's quite disappointing that I couldn't maintain the steam, but thankfully I have this very, very end of the year time to tie up this loose end!

So to get myself warmed up. I drew this picture just to get myself motivated! So next week, expect some pages to be flyin' (gulp!)! Over and out and God Bless!
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