Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting back on track

I have hit a wall.

After my last comic book page last September, aside from some stray posts, I have come to a creative grinding halt. Big mistake. That creative momentum has always been hard for me to try to generate, but once I get going, it becomes easier for me to crank out some comic book pages. Kinda like exercise. It's hard to drag yourself to gym, but once you feel how
awesome it is, you have an easier time going back. But right now I'm rolling around in my artistic spare tires.

Fortunately, Christmas break is coming soon, and at my company we close down from Christmas until New Year. So a free week of vacation! What to do, what to do! Why, finish up my comic book of course! My initial plan was for my comic book to be penciled, lettered and
colored by the end of this year.

Not gonna happen.

But it's okay! I'll just have to catch up next year with the letters and colors. I have a new schedule though: pencils finished by this year. It shouldn't be too tough, I only have 2 more pages until the end. It's quite disappointing that I couldn't maintain the steam, but thankfully I have this very, very end of the year time to tie up this loose end!

So to get myself warmed up. I drew this picture just to get myself motivated! So next week, expect some pages to be flyin' (gulp!)! Over and out and God Bless!
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