Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Comic Book - Page 24 - Roughs

I am still procrastinating like crazy.

For most of the day I was really doing anything but drawing this page. Let's see... I had to change my checking account because I found out I lost my check book. I had to photocopy page 24 so that I could transfer the layouts over. I had to clean up my workspace so I could draw. I had to watch the outtakes of "The Office" season 2. I had to play Guitar Hero 2. I had to watch the deleted scenes from "The Office" season 1. And I had to play guitar Hero 2. Again.

I couldn't work very well during the day. For some odd reason I could not concentrate during the day. I kept forcing myself to draw, but I'd always find some thing to pull myself away from my desk. Towards the end of the day, maybe through pressure or guilt, I found myself getting into the page a little and managed to get it to this stage. It's very sparse though, so a lot of the real drawing will have to be done tomorrow. I'm gonna go crash now. God Bless and good night!
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