Saturday, August 11, 2007

Old designs

I really have to fix up my website. That thing is looking old and busted, hardly the new hotness I used to think it was! Erg. There's definitely some stuff in there that's pretty cringe worthy. Trouble is, I remember it was a lot of work prepping up a lot of the things in that site when I coded it. The thought of a redesign is making me want to forget the whole thing! I just don't have the time right now. Maybe next year when my projects let up.

For this post, I'm putting up some old designs I did a while back for a video game pitch. Looking back at old stuff, at least in this case, is fun. I get to see where some of my bad habits are. When I'm drawing I get too antsy to get into the finishing part, that I tend to neglect the important stuff. Sure, I gloss over the usual stuff: mass, tangents, etc. But I find the funniest one I see in my work that I mess up is symmetry. Just look on over to the robot drawings: he's leaning to the left a bit.

Of course I could always pull the "not enough time" card to explain away the carelessness with many of these drawings. A lot of the character designs I've done for work has been under a short amount of time, and my bad habits tend to become magnified! And since the project I'm on now has a compressed schedule, and I've been really working hard to constantly double check myself every time. But really, when do we ever get enough time to do what we want?

Some of the turnarounds I did for this current project are rife with the symmetry funkyness. Thank goodness for being able to mirror images digitally! I think as an artist I get too tight too fast on most of my drawings. I need to remember to step back and not be afraid to scrap ideas and start over when things aren't working.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of digital correction and 'inking' with my current project... maybe I can get fast enough to work digitally that I won't be under so much pressure, and keep my bad habits in check? One can only hope!

That's it for today! next post I'll put up some of the cool books I bought during my shopping spree. I know I said that in my previous post but there's just so many, I get lazy just thinking about all the scanning and picture taking I have to do! Haha! And this is why my website barely gets updated! But I really do want to geek out a bit with the stuff I got! There's so many talented artists out there, it's fun to look at everybody stuff (humbling but very fun nonetheless!) Til next post, God bless!
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