Friday, November 30, 2012

Shinobi on the PS2

I've finally gotten a chance to update the ol' blog today. But before I get to the post's title a little comic book project update. I've been able to thumbnail out until page 12 of the book. So I've at least hit the halfway mark on that! I'll post my roughs next time.

I've moved desks this week, at work, so I've lost my lovely window seat. However, over by the new spot, I'm sitting by an artist that I used to work with a LOOOONG time ago at Digital Eclipse (The sadly shut down Backbone Entertainment's old name). He's a very talented dude! But anyway, I may have forgotten this, but it turns out we have alot of things in common. Including video games that we LOVE. And two of them are the Shinobi series on the PS2.

He still is the Hot(SUMA)ness. Wah wah wah.
I remember loving every minute of the first game when it came out and totally being blown away (and thankful) when a sequel came out in the form of Nightshade. I don't think it made a lot of money, so this version of the IP stopped at that sequel. I think another game, Ninja Gaiden, came out and wowed everyone with it's looks that year. And sure, Shinobi didn't look that great compared to a lot of the games around at the time, but it's gameplay was something unique and new, and it kept me absolutely hooked! I never liked the gameplay of Ninja Gaiden at all, Shinobi was just a better designed game. It still is at the top of my action games list (happily alongside Bayonetta and Gunvalkyrie!).

God Bless you and the neverending battle continues! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Neverending Battle gets Chronicled!

I made it into a San Francisco Chronicle article!

At the company I work for, Zynga, a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle wrote up an article about the things that Zynga provides as creative outlets that aren't necessarily connected to work. An employee at Zynga, Kim Herbst, set up a gallery show for all the employees at Zynga. So not just artists, but everybody in the company interested in showing their stuff has access to it.

I had exhibited some of my pieces there, and the timing worked out for me because it so happened that the reporter from the Chronicle (Stephanie Wright Hession) was dropping by to look at the gallery while my pieces were still there! And wouldn't you know it, she actually liked my pieces! I was pretty humbled and thankful that she picked them, considering there are quite a lot of really great artists at Zynga that had their stuff up too. By the way, you can have a gander at what those pieces are here and here if you're curious!

I have a nice chunk of an interview in the second page of the web article on SF Gate right here.

I ran out to grab a couple copies of the newspaper from one of those newspaper-box-thingies right by the corner of my office building. I have to tell you that it was sadly an alien experience for me to pop 75 cents into the coin slot, open the little door and grab a copy. I love the print medium. But it's been so long that for me the act of buying a newspaper was so foreign! It felt so cool! Yeah... so sad. Anyway here's a look at the paper:
Good ol' Fisto made it onto the printed page!
Anyway, if you're coming onto my blog from the link on SF Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle: Welcome! My blog's all about my process of generating art, so a few entries probably won't look too pretty but if you can stand the scribbling, feel free to look around!

Thanks for dropping by and as always, the Neverending Battle continues! (and if someone can tell me what the real name of a newspaper-box-thingie is I'd appreciate it!)
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