Monday, September 04, 2006

My Comic Book - Day 1 - Page 17

So it begins! This is the first day that I'm doing a normal 8 hour day onto my comic book, and what did I learn from it? I'm really crazy slow! I need to get faster! Especially since I'm drawing some pretty simple characters. Makes me want to try using inks somehow... who am I kidding! My inks suck! I scanned in a few pages from my sketchbook, some of the drawings are from a while back, but these pages actually have some horrible scribbles of my thumbnails and early bits of the script (oh and some people on the BART).

I was working from a script that I wrote, which kept changing and changing even as I was drawing the page! Luckily, I work for myself, otherwise I would've hated me for making so many changes! The word bubble of the character going: "Status!" on panel 3, was actually a last minute addition, done as I was drawing him. It works for the characterization, (I think) but definitely something not possible to do if I was part of a larger team.

I'm finding I'm getting really stuck with some of the backgrounds, peripheral characters and props a lot, since I'm still trying to figure out the overall style as I draw. Definitely not an advisable route to go when jumping into a page! Also, I'm finding as I work there's always that one panel, in every page, that scares me to draw. So, what I'll end up doing is drawing everything else, hoping that when I get to that panel, I'm really warmed up and ready to tackle it.

I think my pace will be around a page every two days. We'll see how I keep up especially when I have no idea how to stage panel 4 on this page (that's my 'phobia-panel' for this page)! That's it for today! Aydeeyos!

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