Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Comic Book - Day 4 - Page 19

This will be a pretty quick post.

Today, I hardly had any serious problems and everything pretty much just fell into place. The only real problem I ran across was I finally figured out the profile shot of one of my characters (uhhh, shouldn't I have figured that out before I started the comic???). It was good to figure this out, but bad at the same time because I may have to go back to some of my pages and fix her to match this profile. Still, I'm not doing that now, maybe once all the pages are completed, I'll do a general 'model' pass. Maybe.

I even slacked off today for a few hours playing video games. Makes me wonder how much I could've really gotten done! I had to adjust the brightness and contrast of this scan so that the non-photo blue would show up, it's probably a nonsensical mess right now, but trust me it's all going according to plan! Mwooohahaha! Anyways, tomorrow I believe I can take this to finish relatively easy (famous last words)! Until next we meet! God Bless and good evening!
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