Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Comic Book - Day 11 - Page 22

Almost there! I thought I was going to take it easy today, but instead I ended up working on this page for a bit. I took a long dinner break but then I came back in to finish off what I had done non-photo blues for yesterday. This means I technically just have one more panel to worry about for tomorrow before the page is done.
I was pretty tired though, so the finishes aren't quite as tight as I'd want them.

When I ran my thumbnails by Roque on this page awhile back, he had commented that initially panels 1 and 2 were too alike in composition, and that perhaps changing up the composition in panel 2 would help the storytelling. He added though that maybe that was too much in the line of storyboard thinking, like in TV or movies. He had a point about the composition being too close to each other, but also a good point about maybe that was a storyboard thing.

Movies and comic books share many common grounds; but because movies are shown only through one 'panel' (the screen) and comic books show them in multiple panels side by side they are also two different beasts.

I did something that I think would probably be a confusing thing to do in film format thinking, but might actually work if it was in the comic book format.

I mirrored panels 1 and 2, so it's almost treated like a schematic of some sort or maybe like those cheesy t-shirts with a characters' front view on the front side and the backside appropriately enough, on the back. I made sure to tilt the angle of the view as well, to make it extra clear that these were the opposite views of the same scene. I'm hoping that the blatant symmetry in the angles of the two panels makes the mind of the reader set up this space faster than usual. Hopehopehope.

The 'phobia panel' of panel 6 is looming, but hey that's for tomorrow! I'm outta here! God Bless and good night!
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