Sunday, January 06, 2013

My Comic Book: Page 5 Work In Progress

Okay! I got some random hours during this weekend (inbetween baby-naps, burps and diapers) and I got to work on my comic again. I've been sketching roughs of the pages of my book during lunch at work. Sometimes I skip around and draw pages, and even panels out of order. I scanned a few pages from my sketchbook and pieced together the panels of this page.

Not a very difficult page really, so a good one to ease back into working on the book. I initially drew the doctor in panels one and two off-model since it's been awhile, but the colors and ink work are all done.

I have to go back and letter it just to see if my layouts work, then it should be all done. That's it for tonight! Good night and God Bless!
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