Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 6 WIP part 2

So my motto for the moment is: "A panel a day, keeps the deadline away". Or something like that. So the idea is to try to finish a panel everyday. Honestly, just typing that out makes me feel like it's crazy, but we'll see if I can keep that up.

Trying to spot more blacks in this issue.
Maybe in my swingin', reclusive, bachelor days I could pop more than a panel in a day after work. But with my responsibilities at home with the wife and baby and house chores (which I am naturally horrible at already), I'm usually brain-dead by the end of the day. But I need to push!

I'm trying to spot more blacks into my pages for this issue compared to issue 2. The second issue I relied a lot on colors to bring out contrast in my pages. In the first issue, I think because I was still doing that traditionally, I worked on the black and white stages longer, so I was more concerned with how that looked first before I moved onto the coloring stage.

But with my switch to digital, I'm moving onto the coloring stage quickly (like the last two pages). Color is good however for my target market, bright and bold appeals more to kids. However, I do love high contrast black and white artwork. While I'm not planning to go all Hellboy on the art, maybe I can find a happy medium.

Wondercon this year is apparently not going to be in San Francisco, so there go my chances of trying to get a table there (since I hoped it's be in SF to keep it local). The A.P.E. expo, however, should still be around here towards the latter half of the year. So it still gives me sometime to finish up this issue and hopefully have 3 issues to sell there, as well as some art books. Well I gotta get a table at A.P.E. first, but that might be tough.

Time to hit the hay! Good night and God Bless!
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