Monday, January 21, 2013

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 6 WIP

I cut up some of the panels I have all over my sketch book to get the layouts for page 6 down. So here's a sample page from my sketchbook. I write all sorts of scripting details whenever it hits me, and I'll sometimes try to figure out the composition for the page and layout in a disjointed order.

I tend not to scan the original that large, since it's just for a rough anyways, Sorry if it's blurry.
Then I arrange the panels I like onto a page that already has borders and margins. I then create the frames for the panels. For this page, I decide to add an extra panel (the fourth one) during this phase, but I never really planned it in the early stages.

The thing is, I work really loose, even to the layouts as I go to final. And frankly even as I'm 'inking' I tend to cut up stuff and re-paste all the time. Since everything is digital, there really should be no fear of experimentation or moving things around even at the 'final' stage. I've actually cut up things even when they were all colored up already...
I remember wanting to add another panel on the top tier, but figured three could get it done just fine, less cluttered.
I was just going to leave the layout stage as my work for the day, but again because it's all digital, it's really easy to dive into the final inks. Plus, the characters I designed are purposely simple. I tend to overwork things and over think things and it always leaves me stuck. So, with characters this simple, I can move faster on the drawing and I can concentrate more on the storytelling (and just having fun).

That's it for today! It's my Anniversary tomorrow, so I might have a slightly different art post tomorrow! The Neverending Battle continues!
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