Saturday, January 26, 2013

2nd Wedding anniversary

I have been sick three times since Christmas. It's been really annoying since I'm the only one that seems to be getting sick in the family (which is a good thing, but the wife and have been kid playing keep away all this time!). I guess I'm still recovering up until now. The wife is taking every precaution so the Baby doesn't get sick from me since she had a milder form of pneumonia during the holidays.

Anyhow, how does me getting sick relate to anything in this post? Well, I drew up a card for my 2nd wedding anniversary without telling the missus. And I was still sick and going to work (shhh, don't tell the co-workers) while this was going on. So let's just say something this simple was pretty tough.

I drew up a rough sketch of it at work in between rendering frames and backing up some work files. Oh yeah on top of this too, the project I was on got cancelled, so everything was in transition for me.

What large heads you have!
I had the idea in my head already, and I kinda did a similar process for the gags in my proposal comic book. I planned to use the same pose and simply put new clothes on the characters. It's fast, cheap and works for the gag.

I broke up the actual final work into two parts. One session I think I had 2 hours to work on it, then the next was 4 hours. Only 6 hours of work, but I was pretty tired and mighty distracted. I actually think I should've been able to do it faster, but there was a lot of figuring out as I drew.

Happy ANNIVERSAY hey hey hey!

What you see here is the 'fixed' version. I guess I was so out of it, I initially spelled 'Anniversary' as 'Anniversay' on the final printed card! And my wife posted it up on Facebook too, so my spelling prowess is up for the world to see! Ah well, can't win 'em all.

There are a few things about the drawing the bug me, but it got the job done. The wife gave a good laugh and said I really got her look with the drawing. And that's really the kind of reaction I wanted when I set out to do this card. Anyhow, that's it for tonight, Good night and God Bless.

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