Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scatterbrain Pin-Up - Step by Step Part Seven

All done! There are certain bits of the final piece that ended up looking better than others, and even though I was really hesitant to apply the colors, I think it turned out to be okay!

I hit a few delays on the way to the finish line though. First I got caught up in collecting all the photo reference materials, then I got stuck when I fiddled around with colors too long (I have no idea why!) and it was also tough for me to find the Painter settings and tools that I wanted. In the end I used something in Painter that was close to being a default setting anyways! Sigh.

It's funny, in hindsight while this was the style that I chose to render this pin-up out in (those last four words make no sense when you read them out loud together!), I realize it's a style that I don't do much of anymore, it's hard for me to bust it out! Lately, I've been drawing more out of memory, simpler, more cartoony and switching to this style really showed me how badly I am in need of figure drawing! What a kick in the pants! To add irony to it all, even the cartoony style I draw in now is something I'm still trying to figure out!

Well, anyways, I'm done with ol' Scatterhead! Maybe when I finish up the comic book I'm working on right now I'll post up some pages of that to share for next time. Tune in! God Bless and Goooodnight!

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