Thursday, August 17, 2006

Scatterbrain Pin-up - Step by Step Part Five

I went to the ever trusty Kinko's (As long as you don't print anything in color! Oooh jab to the solar plexus!) and made copies of the drawing to make the blue line drop out and to make the contrast stronger. I take that photocopy, scan it into Photoshop and fiddle with the brightness/contrast even more and ol' Bucket Phil spots in my blacks.

Funny thing is, once all the blacks were spotted in, I noticed this large black spot right in the middle, where the bottom of Scatterbrain's cloak is. It was a huge gaping, boring nothing. Right in the middle! In the thumbnail it seemed it would be okay left that way, but my layout changed inadvertently due to me moving the thug on the upper right's arm. So digitally I went back in and made these creases on his cloak. And strangely enough that little change helped it a bit! Whew! Thank goodness for computers!

I noticed something else too, maybe because I'm doing this project right after the previous one, but... is that Galactic man working for the side of evil?!?!
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