Saturday, August 05, 2006

Scatterbrain Pin-Up - Step by Step Part One

Looks like I got a new assignment.

My friend Shanth Enjeti (Ol'
Rocket Pistol himself and creator of Springball), hooked me up with a project to do a pin-up for a new comic book called "Scatterbrain", published by Markosia Enterprises Limited. I jumped right on it of course, I mean who could resist doing a pin up?!

I didn't really know much about the character so I did a little research and went out to my local comic book store and picked up issue 1. I read through it and tried to think up what would be a cool pin up. From what I gather, Scatterbrain's almost like this Spawn-ish, Batman-y type character with the power to magnify people's fear by a thousandfold. Most of the first book though, centers around the cop that's out to get Scatterbrain, so seeing the character in action was pretty sparse.

I was pretty much drawing a blank on how to approach this , so while on my way to work I drew up these thumbnails to get my brain a-workin'.

Looking back at these, it seemed I was going for a lot of perspective and dynamic compositions in my first few thumbnails. With him staking out badguys and hiding in rafters and such. Instead, I ended up going with a much flatter composition. I pretty much stumbled into it by accident, because as I was doing more thumbs, I found I started filing in this one in particular a lot more.

So I stopped myself! I have a hard time transferring my thumbnails to a larger size when I've already figured everything in the early stage. I have a hard time replicating the spontaneity of it all. It's a bad habit to jump in there without a plan... but hey! So I guess I subconsciously picked a composition! Now I'm ready to take on laying it out onto an 11 x 17 page. That'll be next time! So, adios, paalam and God Bless!

P.S. Whoops! I had no idea I had some kinda comment lock on my blog! Sorry for you guys trying to post! Thanks to the Rocket Pistol for informing me!

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