Monday, March 10, 2014

My Comic BooK: Issue 3 Page 12 Thumbnails and initial inks

I started page 12 as soon as I could, but I was tired this weekend and simply lazy since my last post. Still, I managed to push myself a little bit this late Sunday/Monday evening/morning!

A panel a day should get me to finish this page by the end of the week.
I have some very rough thumbnails of this page in my sketchbook. I've gotten more and more lazy with my thumbnails. Not having a lot of time on my hands makes me really not want to draw the same thing twice. So I just jumped in for this page once I figured out where the panels would go.

This page, once finished, marks the halfway point of the book, as well as the last of my current rough thumbnails. I have an idea of what the next two or three pages will be, and pretty much the end page, but in between those pages is where I get to cut loose and have some fun with action sequences.

Okay that's it for tonight! Good night/morning!
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