Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 13 WIP

Wooo! I pushed it a little tonight and cranked out the layouts and a rough block in of page thirteen. I got some of the inking started too.

From what I've learned, once you find the momentum, just ride the wave and keep drawing! I haven't quite gotten the momentum back, but it's getting there!

This page is essentially a zoom out from a tight shot. To emphasize this and to make the last panel have more "ooph", I made panels 1-4 graduallly get bigger. Panel 1 is nice and conservative: working within the safety zone of a printed page. By the time the eye gets to the bottom panel the drawing goes all the way to the edges.

That's it for this post! Good night! Er... Good Morning! I'm gonna be paying for this since I have to take my daughter to swimming classes tomorrow! Splash!
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