Sunday, September 01, 2013

Lamb attack!

I have a little update on those lamb illustrations I did for the baby's room awhile ago. Here it is: I've finally put them up!

It only took me a year to do so! I tell you time becomes such a scarce commodity once you have a child.

My wife and I picked out some nice white frames to go with my drawings. They're smaller in size than what I had planned, but they look kinda neat smaller.

First panel. Sunny morning!

Second panel. Warm sunset.

Third panel. Together with Mama and Dada lamb in the evening!

The whole panel sequence above my baby's changing area.
The concept was tied to something that would help her sleep and lambs. The lamb theme was what my wife wanted for the room (though admittedly that theme has gone by the wayside!). What better way to help the baby sleep than by counting sheep jumping over fences right?

 Anyhow, here's a link to the first post of that series if you guys want to see what they look like in their original digital form.
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