Thursday, September 05, 2013

My Comic Book: Page 9 sketch and ink phase

I got the ol' ball rollin' again for my comic book and got page 9 inked up and ready for lettering.

I have all sorts of jumbled up thumbnails in my sketchbook,
trying to figure out the panel flow and dialogue, like this page.

Once I'm a little comfortable with the panel
layouts, I blow up the thumbnails from my sketchbook
and generate a rough layout for page 9 as a guide.

Then I go in and tighten up the details with
the digital inks. Panel 4's 'wall lines look a little wonky
still, but the word balloon placement might hide it. We'll see!
And that's it for today! What little free time I have, have been taken up by games lately. So it was a good feeling for me to try to power through this page. I already have some decent layouts for pages 10-12 in my sketchbook with some rough dialogue and a really rough thumbnail for page 13. After that I can cut loose with some fun fight sequences to take me towards the end.

I had originally planned the arc to be 5 issues, but now I'm wondering if I can wrap it up in 4. I'd like to get the first arc in the can and start to finally feel comfortable trying to shop it around to a publisher as a limited series. I'll still be self publishing of course, but I feel like I need to get this done and finish up the story I wanted to tell. It has been a loooong time!

When I started it, I was following mainstream comics' write-for-the-trade way of doing monthly comics. That is, 4-5 issue runs that tell one story. Since then, I've started to enjoy my old comics that can tell a story within one issue. So I'd like to do that for the Bomb Squad after I wrap up this arc.

God Bless you as He has me (more!) and... The Neverending battle continues!

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