Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Baby's Room: Illustration 1

The wife and I are preparing our baby's room and she wanted a 'lamb' motif for it. So as I set out to draw an illustration we can frame and hang up by the crib, we kind of came up with the idea to make it something that can help the baby sleep.

And of course, since I like comic books, I tried to work in a simple sequential art in there. So the idea is to have the lamb 'jumping' over a fence. Like, y'know, counting sheep. To do this sequence, I laid out plans for 3 'panels' or in this case illustrations. Probably not the best idea to draw that much, knowing my speed, but hey.
When stuff goes up onto the walls, my wife becomes the art director, especially when it comes to the baby's room. Below, was my first attempt at the final.
The wife didn't like this one at all. She said the lamb looked old.
She couldn't really pinpoint what it was and thought it was the eyes that made the lamb look old. I thought it might be the poofy wool I drew. So for the next attempt, I went with simple shapes.

Round two!
She seemed to be okay with this attempt, though I'm not sure if she's completely crazy about it! But it was looking good, so I just ran with this style.

My wife says the baby will be "cooked" in 3-4 weeks, so I don't have much of a schedule to work with, considering I'll be doing this mostly after work and in-between all the prepping, baby shower and house chores we need to do before the baby arrives!

That's it for today. I had a thought this morning, after getting bombarded with all the excitement about the Higgs Boson particle discovery (I had to watch a video that put it into layman's terms so I could understand what the hubbub was about!). As we marvel at the parts of the 'watch' and man's ability to examine the pieces of it, it's surprising to me that people don't appreciate the watchmaker more.

God Bless you all, and the never-ending battle continues!
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