Monday, July 17, 2006

Galactic Man - Step by Step Part Two

Whew! I didn't think I'd get this done last night! I was running a little slow on doing the finished pencils and was a little hesitant on how to draw the monster! Anyway, taking a few minutes this morning to post up an update. I changed a few things here and there and I decided to not spot in blacks for a change. I'm hoping to rely on colors to make things pop out on this (heh, especially the fourth panel, what is going on in there?!) more than the blacks. I figure it'll look more fun, and light rather than too serious if I went all noir on it! So now I take these pencils and bring it to my favorite 'inker' (kinko's), then scan that copy into photoshop and darken up my lines to prep it up for the coloring stage. I'm almost there! Okay, I'd better go and get ready for work otherwise I'll be late! God bless and as a great man once said: "not my CAKE!" (genius line Ruce)
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