Sunday, July 09, 2006

Galactic Man - Step by Step Part One

I'm going to take a break from ranting about comic books, for a bit, and start posting up some 'start-to-finish' pages on this comic book page I'm working on for a friend. So a little background on the project:

My friend Ruce Lumpkins (not related to Wille (snort! snort! Guffaw!)), always does a video project with the kids he teaches at this school called Jamestown. He's got an idea to present the video as if it were a comic book (with paneling and such, I'd imagine). He needs this quick sequence at the beginning that depicts a typical superhero page (okay, maybe-sorta-kinda). This is where I come in.

He gave me this sketch to work off of:

So, I went on to doing layouts from the thumbnail that Ruce gave me, but he and I decided to expand it from 3 panels to a full comic book page...

While I was thumbnailing, I was also trying to figure out what this character would look like, and whether or not I was going to draw him cartoony or 'realistic'.

Eventually I leaned towards the more 'realistic' look. To be honest my drawings on the rough page (later on) waffle between the two! I knew I didn't really have to draw much anything else in the sequence so the heaviest thinking I did was on his look.

Okay, so it really wasn't that heavy! Anyways, I thought I had enough preliminary work done and was itching to do the rough of the page. Since I'm a natural at procrastination, I was going to make sure I did this page on time (My deadline's in two weeks)!

Unfortunately I jumped in too fast! The sequence has Galactic man flying around, finding his birthday cake, caught off guard by a monster popping out of his cake and Galactic man being concerned about the messed up state of his cake. I rushed into the page so fast I laid it out without really designing the cake and more importantly the monster! I have a few sketches here and there, but I really am not too happy with some of the monster designs I've come up with. So when you look at panel 4 of the page where the monster's supposed to be... there's really just placeholder.

Well, I guess I'll figure out what that monster looks like when I start putting the page to finish! I just gotta cross my fingers and hope it's not hideous! Or hope it's hideous... but in a good way! Anyway, 'til my next update! God Bless!

WAY-off-tangent-P.S. I was just watching Justice League season 2 and man that's some good stuff! Gets to the comic dork in me!

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