Friday, June 28, 2013

Superman's 75th: Batman\Superman #1 and My (cheapskate) Xbox Avatar

I picked up Batman\Superman #1 by Greg Pak and Jae Lee (with some SUPERB colors from June Chung) this past week.

I have to confess, I read this book in little chunks at a time, so I actually got lost a bit throughout the story. It was a combination of the writing actually making you thing and fill in the blanks and the storytelling wasn't quite that solid. 

I was confused about quite a few things, like why did Batman go to Metropolis, who the guy Catwoman was terrorizing, what the crazy robots were in the said guys house, why does the bad guys' color scheme change completely on the last panel... etc. etc.

So my first read through I was a little lukewarm/ready to drop it. It wasn't until I read a websites review about it that I was able to piece together what was going on. So with a clearer head I read it a second time, but straight through. It made better sense the second time through, but there's definitely something lacking in the visual storytelling of it all. Nothing so horribly bad per se, but enough that I had to try harder on my second read.

Jae Lee just has a knack to make black silhouettes look so interesting!
Cool double page spread of our favorite heroes!

Not to say that Jae Lee's art wasn't fantastic mind you! All his panels were great. The man definitely knows how to make some interesting visuals! It's a great looking book, and Jae Lee was certainly the draw for me after his Ozymandias run. And June Chung makes his stuff simply SING.

One page pin ups and double page spreads? Yes please!

I know everybody's not a big fan of splash pages and double page spreads nowadays, but I love them, honestly. I know it's a gimmick that might not necessarily serve the story, but I love the whole spectacle of it. And when I think of Superman, I want spectacles and wows! And wow wow WOW does Jae Lee deliver the goods!

I knew it was too good to be true to have Jae Lee deliver the whole book, but Ben Oliver does a good job of covering the last seven pages of the book. And the story even makes up an excuse (story-wise) for a different artist to come in. There's some great looking pin-ups in the back, my favorite is Guillem March's version , and the black and white version of issue 2's over.

After my second read through, I definitely enjoyed and understood it better and am in for the ride. There's a good 'hook' at the end too that is an interesting plot point but hopefully will also shine more light on Supes' background (according to the new 52). Good book, good fun, looks AMAZING. I'd recommend it. And highly recommend it if you're a Jae Lee fan!

While I am going on a Superman related shopping spree this month, I still am on a budget! I spotted the Man of Steel Avatar clothes on Xbox live the other day and was planning to pick it up:

Gasp! 5 Bucks? I guess I'm not hardcore enough...
...Until I found out it would cost me five dollars! At which point, I tried it on my avatar, took a picture and cancelled the sale. I couldn't get over the price tag... That five dollars could go to five issues of Superman digital comics (which I'll cover next post!)... I may be hardcore... but I guess not that hardcore...

Okay, that's it for tonight! Up, up and away!
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