Sunday, June 02, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Superman!

I finished up my Superman Pin up just in time for his Birthday this year! My favorite hero of all-time! Sure I had a Batman phase when I was a teenager, but the older I get the less... Batman... I am (?) and the more Superman I want to be! Not sure if that make sense!

Thank you very much Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for creating a great character!

June will be my Superman celebration month. To kick it off, I've already nerded out and bought this:
No one can beat Jose Luis Garcia Lopez's art
And I also have this along with that order:

The wife and I are really going to try to get a sitter so we can watch the upcoming Man of Steel film by Nolan/Snyder and I'm taking my baby girl to the Superman exhibit they have up at the Cartoon art Museum. I'll also continue to buy the digital weekly versions of Adventures of Superman, and will make sure to visit the comic shop when Superman: Unchained hits as well!

I'll try to dust off some old Superman comics I have and re-read and maybe post them up here to share.

So Happy Birthday Supes! And here's to 75 more years of neverending battles!

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