Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Comic Book: Issue 3 Page 1 WIP

... And it's started! 

I've done my first page for Issue 3 of the Bomb Squad! You could technically say I already started on Issue 3 when I finished the cover, but mentally, for me, that's not REALLY the book. It really doesn't look like I did much drawing, but it took me awhile to rev up my engines to get going on this. I've started both issues one and two with a closeup and a slow zoom out per panel to reveal the scene. I don't think I wanted to do the same thing for this issue.
Page 1 done. Onward!
Instead, I'm just showing closeups of various things going on in the scene, and I wanted it to be chaotic and confusing. There are no word bubbles or sound FX text, but I'm hoping doing it like this will make the reader create their own loud sounds in their heads as they piece these separate images together. I'm hoping as I add  color later on, this will also add 'sound' to this page. 

This is the first page of the book, so once this is flipped, the reveal on the next page will be what's actually going on in this scene. I MIGHT do a two page splash that takes up the top two-thirds of the page, and a wider shot of the scene. I'm hoping the contrast of that grander panel will suck the reader into it because of the contrast of the smaller, zoomed in panels from page one. At least that's the plan!

Here's hoping the rest of the 23 pages will be smooth sailing (riiight....)! 
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