Friday, June 08, 2012

The Bomb Squad #1 goes digital!

Woo! IndyPlanet Digital now has the first issue of The Bomb Squad up for 99 cents! Yay! I'm joining Digital Publishing! I just sent in the graphic for my banner ad, so I get more visibility on their store.

Goin' Digital!
I hope they pick it and put it up on their site. It might take some time to surface, even if they did! Still, I am very grateful to Ka-Blam and the service they provide. I've been looking into figuring out how to get my comic book on digital 'shelves' lately. As much I love the printed medium, digital just seems like the cheaper route to go for independent publishers. And I can take the risk and sell it for much cheaper than print. 

Gah, Ka-Blam's given me all the outlets I'd need to publish my stuff, now I gotta start figuring out how to market this thing...!

Anyhow, I'm very excited to be in the digital space! My mind is blazing with how to create comics that are tailor made to that format now! I'll be updating the 'store' tab soon with the digital option. But for now... 


If you want to buy the digital copy of The Bomb Squad #1 click HERE!

I really gotta work on Issue 3 now!

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