Monday, March 28, 2011


For this post, I'm still trying to get back in the drawing groove of things. This one's of Big Barda. She's definitely one of my favorites from Kirby's creations while he was at DC. I'm a big Kirby fan much like a lot of people on the planet, but with this sketch, I stumbled onto something firsthand that everybody pretty much already knows: Kirby was a really great designer.

While I was coloring in my Barda pin-up, I realized she looked just fine with just flat colors (last drawing above). Kirby's use of solid blacks and pattern are so well controlled they act like a form of 'shading' that makes his characters so strong even with just simple flat colors applied to them. So the scales in her uniform act as a gray and her gloves stand out because they're the brightest 'shade' even though they're really just the same color.

Personally, I kinda liked the flat colors that were used on Kirby's characters back inna day more than today's gradients/'modern' colors. I guess I kinda understand why now! I think a lot of his DC work has the flat color process more in mind than his Marvel ones. Or possibly his later designs just leaned more towards that style (like his eternals designs)? Or maybe I'm just reading into it too much?

Anyway, my Barda Pin-up isn't the best. It's kinda wonky in parts, but I think for the amount of time I spent and the fun I had in doing it, I'm satisfied. Pretty much the opposite of my last post; that Superman Pin-up was kinda depressing! Well that's it, until next time good night and God Bless!

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