Sunday, April 10, 2011

My talented family

Just thought to share a few cool things I've been seeing from my nephews and my wife this past month or so. Basically, my nephews are awesome. My sister's been sending me a few drawings they've been doing lately of superheroes and they're great! They've really been a great inspiration and a good way to keep progress on my own comic book in check! Though I have to admit I'm having a real hard time keeping up!

My nephew Joaquin, pumps out most of these images, but my other nephew, Ramon, also likes to keep up with big brother.

Painted Wolverine! (by Joaquin)

Hulk Smash!! (by Joaquin)

Mighty Thor! (by Joaquin)
And not to be outdone by his Brother, Ramon has his version too!

The world's finest! Definitely my favorite of the bunch! (by Joaquin)
And last but definitely not the least, since we came back from Wondercon, my wife has gotten into felting. We had passed by this "Wool Buddies" booth at the con and she bought a kit. And after that she can't stop making her own. And more recently: making 'our' own. She's currently making the giant octopus creature from our proposal comic:

How cool is that octopus head, huh? That white figure on the side is my first attempt at this felting thing. It's fun but very time consuming! I'll finish that little project, but I'm going to have to postpone felting so I can get back to finishing my comic! One project at a time, right? Okay, 'til next time! 
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