Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Proposal: Part 4

Whew! I am trying to crank this stuff as fast as I can out, and still I'm behind! Anyway, I got pages 2 and 3 further along today.

I also picked up the ring today!

And even though I kinda knew this in the back of my head, seeing it just proved my thought; she's not even gonna see the comic book once that shiny bauble gets in front of her! Hahah! Heck, I couldn't stop being mesmerised by the ring myself!

Still this is worth it! It cannot get more personal for me than to give her a piece of art that I made. Strangely enough this is me at my sincerest! I hope she likes it! I'm itchin' to propose already and see the look on her face! Stay Frosty Bautzman, stay frosty!
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