Monday, October 25, 2010

The Proposal: Part 3

"I'm going to surprise my girlfriend and make a comic book as my proposal!"

Man, what was I thinking! Making a comic book is a lot of work! Anyway, as usual, I am behind schedule.

Work has been requiring us to come in on Saturdays an stay late nights, so it's been really draining on me to work on the book. The layouts were giving me a headache as there was so much I wanted to do but no time.

Anyway, the total page count should be 5 pages. I THINK I can do it. I had met up with my friend Roque at church today and he help me get over a layout problem I was stuck on. My brain is so friend, so it was good that I had his help to get me back on track. (Though his solution to my problem was to make a double page spread. Could be trouble...!)

I finished the first page's inks today and here's how it went:

It turned out okay, but I'm having difficulty working on a page that's smaller than what the Bomb Squad pages are at. It makes it hard for me to gauge what line thickness will look good at the printed size. However, this actually helps me as I am forced to simplify the way I draw even more.

Anyhow, I am beat! My hopefully-soon-to-be-fiancee will be back in 7 days time. So I really only have 6 days to work. Actually just 5 so that on the sixth day I can concentrate on the print looking good. And with Work hours going way over the proper work/life balance? This week is gonna be crazy! Okay I gotta crash! Good night and God Bless!
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