Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Comic Book: Page 16

Trucking right along. Finished up page 16, and now I have a total of 17 pages! This one went fast, and kind of brought me back to understanding my initial aesthetic for the Bomb Squad: Simplicity.

I chose a simple style when I started this comic so I could tell the story and draw the pages as quickly as possible. This second issue though, I've definitely been adding in a lot more detail, and kind of reverting back to how I usually draw.

So, while I do like how this issue is turning out, I have to keep that in mind as I go forward. On the positive side of things I'm also starting to loosen up as I draw this book, and not laboring and nit picking every line on the page. Could be good and bad. We'll see at the end of the book!

That's it for today! Good Morning and God Bless.
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