Monday, September 13, 2010

My Comic Book: Stop whining! Back on Page 15!

Well, God certainly knows how to get me back on the saddle.

On my previous post I was pretty down that my Photoshop file for page 15 got corrupted. I was pretty miffed that I had lost all that work. Later on that day, my girlfriend and I were going to the farmer's market in San Francisco (by the Pier Building) with two of her friends from out of town.

I got there a little early, an lo and behold I got to see an inspirational sight to get my juices flowing again.

This Rocket ship was created by a group called the five ton crane. It's quite a cool site to see and just what I needed to pick myself back up since it looks so similar to the 'plane' I have in my book:

Ain't that a hoot.

I thanked God right there and then for letting me be inspired by others at work, and not to be discouraged. At just the right moment and at the right time He picks me back up and sends me on my way again.

So at the end of that day, I quickly set up page 15 again. Here's my progress from that couple hours of work. Admittedly, I seem to move a little faster and more confident than before. And a few things are turning out a little better already.

And I took this pic for my buddy Shanth, who'd definitely get a kick out of this:

Well that's it for today! Good Morning and God Bless!
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