Sunday, May 01, 2016

Legends of Tommorow!

I drew up a scene from one of my favorite shows right now: DC's Legends of Tomorrow. A great fun show with a lot of great characters. I've really enjoyed the chemistry of all the actors and how they've played off of each other even from the very first episode. It's got a great premise for a show that the writers can use to literally take the heroes any place and to any time. Sure, it's got it's flaws like many shows out there, but the pros far, FAR outweigh the cons.
Quick sketch up of the two figures I wanted to draw. I would constantly
adjust and re-adjust the proportions of the canvas constantly until I can figure
out what the composition would be like. It actually just started out as the two
figures, but I thought up of a way to actually add in storytelling to it by
using text and not have to rely on actually drawing a third figure.
Inking stage is where I did most of the work. I had photo reference for the characters, so
that wasn't a big deal to draw their poses. Figuring out their faces was harder, since I'm pretty bad
with resemblances. While these guys don't look like them, I do like how their faces turned out.
I spotted in the blacks and added some feathering and thickened up some lines to emphasize focus.
There's a lot of character oozing from the... characters... of the show. It was fun to see Captain Cold and Heatwave (the two crooks of the team) hang back, have a beer and watch as White Canary gets into a bar room brawl! In the 70's! While a song from the Captain and Tennille is playing!

Good show all around and one that really runs straight into it's crazy comic book concepts and presents a very different super-hero show from what's out there currently. Go try an episode out!

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