Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Enjoying the BVS soundtrack and a little heat vision to melt the hate away!

I'm just brushing away some cobwebs from my stylus and started sketching again.

Since I have Batman v Superman on the brain, I drew up one of my favorite action scenes from the movie. I have never seen Superman's heat vision depicted in all it's glory like they did in the last act of BVS and it was pretty spectacular!

I've also been listening to a lot of the BVS soundtrack as I drive to work and aside from the main character tracks (Beautiful Lie, Is She With You or This Is My World), there are some that I have really come to appreciate more like the great Do You Bleed? track. And it's quite awesome to listen to it while I drive too! My commute to and from work has gotten much more epic! 

Very rough sketch. I put this on it's own layer, then work on another layer to tighten it up.

Another rough sketch. The right hand didn't exist in the original sketch. But when
I took it to the inking stage, it just looked odd that he was missing one arm in the
drawing. Glad digital is so forgiving. And layers. Layers are great. 

Shrank his head down after the initial inking pass. Aside from the
muddy silhouette of his cape to the background in the top left. I kinda
like the starkness of the Black and White version.
Final colors. I messed around with using more traditional Superman blues with his uniform and
changing the background from blue to yellow to orange, but I liked how intense the heat vision
was in the movie, so a semi-monochromatic look was the way to go.
There's still an incredible amount of hate floating around for this movie. I suppose it might never really go away, just as the hate for Man of Steel still hangs over it's head. But re-watching MOS after BVS, just made MOS that much better and it actually gave it a much more tender, sweeter quality to it too. It's interesting, I've read a couple reviewers (pretty big names too, Kevin Smith and Harry Knowles) do a follow up review when they watched it a second time and they leaned a little more favorable.

Sadly, the hate train has already left the station. Choo choo. And their initial dislike for the movie is already etched in all the internet bile that's been thrown at this movie. So while I appreciate their second review... well... the damage really cannot be undone. Though to his credit, Harry Knowles' second review sounded very honest. I liked that he acknowledged that he carried so much baggage in with him on that first viewing, he really didn't enjoy what the film was and hated it for what it wasn't.

In any case, nothing like a big blast of Supes' heat vision to blast the hate away! Take that haters! 

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