Sunday, July 14, 2013

(belated) Happy Birthday Ramon!

My sister showed my nephews the Superman drawing I did a while ago, and one of my nephews asked if I had a Green Lantern drawing as well. Surprisingly, I did not! His birthday was coming up, and how could I say no to drawing superheroes for my nephew, right?

And, as always, I thought I'd have time to do it and be able to send it right on schedule... silly me! Sadly the birthday present became a belated birthday present because of my current drawing speed... but, better late than never! Here's the process:

Started off with a rough sketch to try to
figure out what I was going to do. I even have
blocked in his oath floating around him.

After that, I went to inks and just free styled the letters.
But that proved to limit the space for me to write what I wanted
to say, so I had to re-organize it a bit.
...And there's the final piece.
My nephew's on the opposite side of the world from me (Manila, Philippines), but thank goodness for the interwebs! Happy Birthday, Ramon! Sorry it's late and we couldn't make it!
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