Saturday, May 19, 2012

Confessions of a Comic Book-aholic

I haven't been working too much on my comic book recently, so no new artwork posts. 

I have been rummaging through my old comic book collection and getting ready to get rid of stuff. And while it's sad to part with some of these, I think it's high time I purged myself of some of these books (again). And it's probably a good idea to do this on a yearly (maybe even twice yearly) basis.

I have too much.

I'm getting rid of stuff that I'm pretty sure I won't read again and some things I already have trades or hardcovers of. There are also quite a few that I really don't like. Unfortunately I still have a ton that I still love for the art or still dig the storylines. I have 11 shortboxes and  2 longboxes worth or comic books. And those are just the floppies. I have 2 bookshelves chock full of graphic novels and a half bookself's worth of manga.

Yeah. I'm a comic book hoarder.

Even though I don't REALLY care much about selling these guys, I can't help but look at online comic book price guides while I'm sorting through them all. The over-ridding factor though, is that I don't really have the time to sell these things nor do I want to sell them to collectors like me. No e-bay posts for my stuff.

I might try the local bookstore and get some credit for some of my manga, but otherwise I'll just donate them to the goodwill nearby. I figure maybe I can let some other non-collector-y, non-comic book reading type people enjoy these comics. Maybe I can spread the joy of comics!

Well, that's my rose-tinted idea anyway. These might also just sit in Goodwill forever.

Here's what I've weeded out of my collection so far:

It's around one longbox full of stuff. Eventually, I'd like to have just 2 longboxes worth of the floppies, but that'll take some time and letting go. Also, collecting manga is really amazingly space-consuming. Where do the japanese otaku keep all this stuff?
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