Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Comic Book: Quick Comp

When I had finished twelve pages into my book, I felt like I got stuck trying to finish the next half. I generally know what I want to do and how I want to end an issue, but I leave the details open so I have fun while drawing.

But it was tough with this second issue. My progress has been crawling since then and even though I have 15 pages, I feel like I'm still stuck. So I've been doing other things to jog my brain. I've been doing color studies for the pages, trying to work out the cover, doing thumbnails and yesterday, i decided to plop out some placeholder lettering.

From that I decided to do what I did in the first book when I got stuck halfway: I printed out the pages and put them in one of those art sleeve/folder things.

And just like that, the act of physically flipping through the pages, my brain started filling in the gaps. And I realized this: I have exactly the right amount of pages to end the book where i want it to! And now I know exactly what to draw on those pages! Yay!

Artist's block is the worst. So I'm glad I got un-blocked! Now time to get it done! That's it for today, Good Morning and God Bless!
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