Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Present

I drew up an old high school buddy of mine a wedding present recently. He had specifically requested that I depict them as super heroes, and hey I can't really argue with that art direction can I?

It's been pretty busy at work, so it was tough for me to find the time to get this done, but I got it done anyways! I just started with dynamic poses, and I kinda re-organized the figures on a page afterwards. I didn't really have a composition in mind, I just liked the figures I initially drew.

Judging from all the drawings I've drawn with hands in perspective, I must love Jack Kirby a lot or have some kinda hand fetish...

Then I inked it digitally..

...and then added color. It's been awhile since I put my color theory to good use, so the first pass was kinda lacking:

It wasn't until I used my best friend adjust hue/saturation in photoshop, that I finally got colors I liked better!

So this post is for my buddy Ryu! Congratulations to you and Delphine! Sorry i couldn't be there! Here's a link to his site. He's a very talented photographer when he's not busy getting married!

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