Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thanks Zander!


I recieved my very first piece of fan art for the Bomb Squad! How awesome is that?!

A friend of mine, Kevin James, picked up a copy of my book, but decided to also pick up the Bomb Squad sketchbook for his son, Zander James, to take a look at. Apparently, Zander enjoyed the book and really liked seeing the process that it took to get to the final product. In fact, he was so jazzed that he drew a little scenario for the ol' Bomb Squad (totally unsolicited, I swear!).

Okay, now that's just cool. Zander even caught the little radio-signal word bubble effect I did for the Kid when he talked!

Way cool.

When Kevin handed it to me, it was such a great feeling! There's really nothing more satisfiying than seeing someone draw my character, because of the simple fact that they wanted to!

Okay, now let me tangent rant a little here.

The Bomb Squad is my way of trying to bring comics back to kids. A majority of today's comics, in my opinion, are targeted to kids that grew up with comics 20 years ago. In other words, big dorks in their 30's like me.

Today's kids are lost with the 20 years worth of comics continuity nowadays. Comic book subject matter seem to be written for such a mature audience, and even 'child friendly' characters from back in the day get kinda get 'muddied up' (I liked 'Identity Crisis' like everyone else, but holy smokes is that some mature subject matter for the super friends or what?). And while I enjoy these books, I feel kids nowadays are losing that connection to the medium because their catered to such a specific audience.

Comics are rapidly being over taken by movies, video games and pretty much everything else as a story telling medium. I mean, kids know spider man and the x-men because of the movies! That just seems so backwards to me. Where are the next generation of comic book creators going to come from? Will comics even be around for the next generation? Actually, Robert Kirkman has an eloquent mission statement that sums up what I've been thinking for awhile now.

ANYWAY. Rambling.

So, I can be all rah rah rah, let's make new comics, let's bring in the next generation, I'll draw Bomb Squad for this purpose, yadda yadda yadda. But... would it work?

Well, I'm not so sure if I can affect ALL of the next generation, but I do know I affected at least one of them, even for just a small moment! And I have proof! So thank you very much Zander! Thank you very, very much for the cool drawing! And the Squad thanks you too!

Now if only Bomb Girl could figure out a way to diffuse the bomb she's standing on!
And the Neverending battle continues! Good night and God Bless.
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