Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Comic: Page four and five colors

Got some more updates for my comic book. Everything seems to be going well. I do have to confess though, I can't believe how long I take dwelling on colors, especially on something so simple! The reds really weren't a problem, but for some crazy reason, I had a hard time deciding on what color the shine of her eyes would be on panel two of page six.

I kept switching from a light red or sky blue, to an undersaturated blue, to a white, to a dark green, to black, to... well you get the picture. On one hand a red hue was the safe bet, but when I slapped that blue on there, there was something nice about it (at least to me). I kept stressing out whether people will get thrown off by it too much. Anyway, I ended up going with the blue of the sky. It makes for a nice highlight, and connects the panel to everything else. I think what really clinched it for me was that it also signified what she's looking at (the sky outside). Now I don't know if anybody's gonna even get that, but in my head (for now) it makes sense. That blue color is also the perfect lead in for the next page.

Well, at least if I can get it to work! Tune in!

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